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2825/2 Naviga 3D Plus 28 mm, pitch 1.25 thread M4

Price: $32

Stainless steel


Doctorprops presents a new series of propellers "NAVIGA 3D Plus".

A new series of propeller Naviga 3D Plus is created using unique 3D technology. This technology is developed jointly with the space agency - Yuzhmash and has no analogue in the world.

Today, it is the best props in the world! Already established several world records.
This series has been specially designed propellers for competitions conducted NAVIGA, to attend the races 5-6 minutes according to the rules of the competition.

For this series, we applied a new hard alloy of stainless steel!

Diameter - 28 mm.
Pitch - 1.25 (measurement by - 70% blade)
Material - the new stainless steel alloy.
Balancing - 100%
The surface - mirror polished.

Made - Doctorprops.

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