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JETSTREAM 888VE 42 mm propeller titanium

Code: JETSTREAM 888VE 42 mm propeller titanium

Price: $79.95

3D print propeller stainless steel


Stainless steel propeller for RC boat JETSTREAM 888VE Kyosho.
We have adopted a new 3D printing technology for Titanium propellers. Propeller balancing, sharp edges, gloss polishing. You don't need to do anything with this propeller, we will do everything for you. Install a propeller on your boat and be the fastest on the lake.

Diameter: 1.57" (42 mm)
Pitch: 1.4
Shaft: Dog-Drive 4 mm
Balanced RTR
Material: Titanium
Surface -  mirror shine
Manufactured by Doctorprops.