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A complete set of Mini Hydro-L450 parts

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A complete set of Mini Hydro-L450 parts.


1. PRO Strut System Mini Hydro "Ketron".
Doctorprops represents a new Strut system with a long life. We have taken care of your time, now you do not need to replace the bearings,
no longer need to lubricate and dry ball bearings, no rust and other problems.
We have replaced the ball bearings in the plastic sleeve from the "Ketron" plastic.
Our system allows you to use the model of the boat up to 200-300 times starts with a condition: if your propeller is balanced.

Length - 183 mm
Height - 29 mm
Thread shaft - M4
For reference: Ketron - Very high maximum allowable service temperature in air (250 ° C continuously, up to 310 ° C for short periods of time)
High mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance, as well as at elevated temperatures
Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance
Excellent wear and frictional behavior
Very good dimensional stability
Excellent resistance to high energy radiation (gamma and X-rays)
Low flammability and very low levels of smoke evolution during combustion.

2. PRO Rudder System Mini Hydro "Without backlash".
Our own development is a no-slip system, it allows you to accurately manage the boat.
Rudder is made of specially strong stainless steel. Rudder blades laser welding. It's strong and reliable.

3. Turfin Mini Hydro CNC Alu-7075 hard CNC.
Turfin classes Mini Hydro.
Made from aircraft-grade aluminum CNC 7075 and has a rigid shape.
Height - 49 mm
Width - 22 mm
Thickness - 1 mm
The diameter of the holes - 2 mm
Distance holes - 11.5 mm

4. Carbon fiber parts for the Mini Hydro - L450.
In the manufacture of parts, we try German carbon.
We also provide services for the milling of carbon fiber on the CNC.

On Youtube you can find videos of this boat: DOCTORPROPS L450 EVO-2 Test mini hydro 7 minune

If you have any questions, please contact. Doctorprops

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