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6318/3 Stainless steel propeller GAS Rigger 27 cc

Code: 6318/3 Stainless

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3D printing Stainless steel propeller RC boat


6318/3 Stainless steel propeller GAS Rigger 27 cc.

Diameter: 2.48" (63 mm)
Pitch: 1.8
Shaft: 1/4" (6.36 mm)
Balanced RTR
Material: Stainless steel 15-5PH (Strong steel)
Surface -  Polished shine
Propeller has - 3 blades

We have opened up new possibilities for the production of propellers for RC boats with a new method of 3D printing from Stainless steel.
The new technology offers great opportunities in the production of propellers and other parts.
Advantage of titanium 3D printing:

Precise fabrication of geometry.
No imbalance of the blades.
Uniform blade thickness.
Propeller axis without offset.
Ability to make a sharp blade edge.
Does not rust.


RC Doctorprops -  is 13 world records in RC boats!
RC Doctorprops - is the best quality in the world.
Manufacturer - RC Doctorprops.

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