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Naviga-2 propeller 45 mm stainless steel

Code: Naviga-2 propeller 45 mm

Price: $49.95


Naviga-2 is a new series of propellers for 5-6 minutes group oval race. We made seven variants of this propeller and chose the best test performance. This propeller is the best in the world in terms of 5% efficiency than other propellers in the world.
+ 5% - Speed, race time, ampere current consumption. It took us 3 years to achieve the best results in the race, this project is the longest in my practice, now my friends and I can improve the results of the races.
I wish you victory and good luck!



Shaft size - choose in options.

Diameter - 45 mm.
Material - stainless steel.
Balancing - 100%
The surface - mirror polished.

Made - Doctorprops

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