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Feedback from our customers shop Doctorprops.

14.05.15 Andreas


The propellers arrived today, and (as before) the craftsmanship is superb. These are (again) "Functional Works of Art".
Thanking you & your son ..... Cheers!

9.05.15 Jean

Fantastic! Very fast Eco props! Buy more to these Eco Mini Expert! +++++

8.05.15 Andreas

I am happy to let you know; the propellers arrived today .... They Are FANTASTIC!!
They are so beautifully crafted, and well worth the cost & wait.
I look forward to Running them on my boat .... I will try them later today, but will leave you the "5-Star, Positive" feedback now .... As this transaction certainly deserves (more than) "5 Stars".
Thank you very much.
8.05.15 Jack
That prop is awesome! It is unbelievable the difference it made on my boat!
If you want to make your Spartan scream, get ahold of this man!
8.05.15 Ricky
This prop is beyond superb . Im now topping off at 76 kmh max with my smashshark!