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5114/5 New Series 5D Stainless Steel propeller L+R

Price: $799


A new series of propeller 5D, made by the latest technology developed by our company. Now it's done precisely in the space agency Yuzhmash.

1. Precise manufacture - no blading of blades (The exact axis of rotation).
2. Blades have an accurate profile (increased work efficiency)
3. Dynamic balancing.
4. Plasma polishing.


Diameter - 2"(51 mm)
Pitch - 1.4
Size of shaft: Doc drive 3/16 "(4.76 mm)
Blades - 5
Sales kit: 2 pcs of propeller, Left and Right rotation.

Material - the new stainless steel alloy.
Balancing - 100%
The surface - mirror polished.

Have you found the propeller size you need? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we can make any size for you!

The manufacturing time is 2 weeks after payment.

Manufactured by Doctorprops.


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