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Constructional drawings 5 cylinder RC radial engine, 55 cc plans glow

Price: $39


The constructional drawings of this 5 cylinder radial engine are designed by the most 

modern mechanical engineering 3D.
4 - stroke Glow Ignition Model Airplane Engine
In the drawings, there is a list of all necessary for the construction of the engine.
Table of chemical composition and materials - the brand alloys and steels.
The drawing is made on 40 sheets of paper.
Size designations in the drawings - inches.
The engine is designed to meet home construction. Does not require sophisticated machines and production costs of the engine. No CNC.
PLEASE NOTE: Sold drawings drawn on paper! No engine is not included!
Ignition: Glow
Bore: 0.943 in.
Stroke: 0.966 in.
Displacement: 55 cc
Max RPM: 6,200
Prop: 22x8, 20x10
Fuel: methanol + castor oil (or synthetic oil)
If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.
Thanks for watching!

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