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SAW V930/3 Titanium 3D print propeller RC

Code: SAW V930/3 Titanium

Price: $89.95

Titanium 3D print rc boat propeller


SAW V930/3 Titanium 3D print propeller RC boat.

Diameter: 1.18" (30 mm)
Pitch: 1.9
Shaft size: Select option
Balanced RTR
Surface -  Matt
Propeller has - 3 blades

We have opened up new possibilities for the production of propellers for RC boats with a new method of 3D printing from titanium. The new technology offers great opportunities in the production of propellers and other parts.
Advantage of titanium 3D printing:
1. Titanium is several times stronger than steel.
2. Titanium is twice as light as steel.
3. Precise fabrication of geometry.
4. No imbalance of the blades.
5. Uniform blade thickness.
6. Propeller axis without offset.
7. Ability to make a sharp blade edge.
8. Does not rust.


RC Doctorprops -  is 13 world records in RC boats!
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Manufacturer - RC Doctorprops.

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